UDP protects drug chemicals importer, Vernon Cuthkelvin

UDP protects drug chemicals importer, Vernon Cuthkelvin

Belize City June 25, 2012

The secret “destruction” of $10 billion worth of dangerous precursor chemicals which had been imported to Belize in six containers by UDP crony Vernon Cuthkelvin has raised many eyebrows. Not only because the destruction of the chemicals was carried out by the Barrow Administration’s very own security forces, where political manipulation is rife, but because as far as we know no media-house or independent entity was invited to witness the operation therefore compromising even the semblance of authenticity.

More disturbing is the fact that the man, who signed Customs documents claiming by oath that the imported items were “fertilizers”, is getting a free pass by the United Democratic Party Government while other Belizeans are persecuted with vengeance for the smallest infractions.

If you just remarked “he dah mussy wah UDP”, you’re right. The importer of drug chemicals is no other than UDP crony Vernon Cuthkelvin, who’s heavily involved in the Barrow Administration. Just a few years ago Cuthkelvin was an employee of the Ministry of Housing. That was around the same time he became a wanted man after racking up a huge bill at a Corozal resort and running off without paying. We wonder now who cleared that bill for Cuthkelvin. After that, he actually headed the marketing for the UDP’s online propaganda newspaper in Belmopan known as “Capital Weekly”. To those in the media, this had all the signs of an official scam – an online newspaper with no printing or major overhead expenses charging for ads at the price of a printed newspaper and getting them by the dozens from the Government of Belize.

Undoubtedly, Cuthkelvin is a wily operative of the UDP and the Barrow Administration’s failure to prosecute him for fraud further establishes the Government’s complicity in criminal behaviour.

If this incident had occurred in Mexico or the United States, Cuthkelvin would have been arrested and prosecuted immediately. The containers he imported, under the claim that they carried fertilizers for a “business” in Orange Walk, contained almost half a million dollars’ worth of precursor chemicals that could manufacture some 400 metric tonnes of methylamphetamine (crystal meth). Crystal meth is an illegal drug.

But this is not Mexico, this is Belize and the UDP, who it is known is involved in the drug trade, is in Government. The Prime Minister defended quite a few suspected drug kingpins in his lawyer days. Now with the UDP in office, huge drug planes use our highways as landing areas and even international reporters accuse the Government of facilitating narco-traffickers.

While the UDP’s protection of Cuthkelvin will go unchallenged here in Belize, it is certainly cause for concern in the eyes of the United States. They are aware that most precursor chemicals land at their door steps, and can at least breathe a sigh of relief that Cuthkelvin’s containers were stopped in its tracks. Now, to their total surprise, even after the largest bust of precursor chemicals per net value, the accused trafficker roams free.


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UDP protects drug chemicals importer, Vernon Cuthkelvin

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