Stats that don’t lie

Stats that don’t lie

-     Check this out. In the last four years of the UDP, the Amandala has published no less than 34 editorials against the PUP, and none against the UDP.

-     Since the start of the UDP’s second term of office, only four weeks ago, the Amandala has already published THREE editorials against the PUP and still none against Barrow.

-     No less than a week after the elections, the Amandala publisher’s son-in-law got a high-paying job from Barrow, a vehicle and may have even gotten a salary advance, while his son was tabbed for a diplomatic posting. Sounds like quid pro quo.

-     The Amandala is aware of a compromise between the UDP camp and their nemesis, Lord Ashcroft. This compromise is with the UDP representatives in Mesopotamia and Port Loyola and includes certain PUP financiers that favor the UDP candidates over their own because of their loyalty over the past 30 years.

-     The Amandala knows that the UDP practices the politics of political enslavement on the South Side as expressed by his editorial titled “FIGBY” back in ‘97. They know that this enslavement is now in the form of the food pantry program and cash-transfer which is so pro-poor it actually keeps people poor instead of helping them find a way out of poverty.

-     Since 94, the publisher of the Amandala has allowed his personal difference between him and two persons in the PUP to overshadow the real story of the Southside. That is the kind of political manipulation carried out on them by UDP masters while poverty, crime and black youths shooting up each other in the city has become endemic. That’s the stats of the south side and stats don’t lie.

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Stats that don’t lie

don’t Stats

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