Pablo Marin abuses Gov’t resources

Pablo Marin abuses Gov’t resources

Corozal Town, June 18, 2012

Pablo Marin, the Minister of Health and representative of the Corozal Bay constituency, has been abusing government funds without any regard for the people of Corozal. He has been using the Government’s resources, which are paid for and maintained by the peoples’ taxes, to fill his beach property in the Finca Solana Area in Corozal Town.

Some weeks before the March 7 elections he started using the Ministry of Works’ dump trucks and Grader to fill parcel of lands in the Finca Solana area belonging to him and other UDP big wigs.  He was subsequently stopped by the Ministry of Works officer in charge as some people in Corozal were starting to complain of the brazen abuse of authority and power by the Minister of Health.

Soon after the elections Pablo Marin ensured that the new Minister of Works visita Corozal. He then used that opportunity to make certain that the officer in charge of the Ministry of Works in Corozal get instructions to continue filling his land in the Finca Solana area. The officer in charge of the Ministry of Works, fearing for his job, had to allow the trucks and grader to go back to fill the private property by the sea.

The streets in Corozal Town and the village streets in all of the  Corozal District are in the most deplorable state because  it is said that ‘no money noh deh fu fix dem!’ However, the resources of the Ministry of Works are being used to fill the Minister’s private property on the sea side.

The people of Corozal want to know how is it that this can be condoned by the government and nothing is being done?

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Pablo Marin abuses Gov’t resources

abuses Gov’t Marin Pablo resources

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