Murder count nears 70! – Two more killed by gun violence

Murder count nears 70! – Two more killed by gun violence

Myrick Gladden

Belize City, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The reality of our people, including teenagers and children, losing their lives at such high rate is a scary one for Belizeans. It has gotten so bad in Belize, that a good week is now considered a week punctuated by just one or two murders. In weeks when temperatures among street personalities are so red hot, the homicide rate can escalate to as many as five, as was proven only a few weeks ago. The last two victims were shot dead on the south side, one on Mex Avenue in the presence of his mother; the other on Administration Drive in the presence of his girlfriend.

In the first incident at around four last Friday afternoon, Edmund Panton, 37, was shot at close range while in his vehicle. He had only stopped at 21 Mex Avenue to let his mother out of the vehicle at her house. It appears that his killer, a masked gunman on a bicycle, had his plan timed perfectly. The attacker unleashed two bullets, one that hit Panton in the neck and the other that tore through his chest and back.  He died within minutes at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

The Panton killing was the second in as many weeks of two brothers. Readers will recall the mayhem in front of Elements Bar when several individuals were shot. One of them was Panton’s elder brother, Dwight Panton, 38, who was killed.

The second weekend killing occurred at around midnight on Sunday when Myrick Gladden, 19, his girlfriend, Shyiana Allen, 27, and his friend, Richard Wade, 24, were walking on Administration Drive.

The trio were on the street across from the former Complex building when a man identified later alleged to be Tevin Andrewin, snuck up on them on a bicycle and opened fire.  Gladden got the worst of the injuries, with two bullet wounds to the chest, one to the right side of his shoulder and another to the left side of his back. He stumbled for about 20 feet and collapsed to the ground, with blood gushing from his chest wound. His girlfriend, Shyiana Allen was also shot in her left calf.  Wade escaped unhurt.

Gladden’s relatives feel that he was killed because of his association with another youth who was also shot to death earlier this month. Since that murder, Gladden had reportedly received numerous threats of death.

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Murder count nears 70! – Two more killed by gun violence

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