Lone firefighter versus big fire in Ladyville

Lone firefighter versus big fire in Ladyville

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

By Alton Humes

On Sunday, 15th January, just around 2:25 p.m., a house owned by Carmelita Simplis and occupied by one Ms. Stella Reyes and her family (who were not at home at the time) and located at #76 Dove Street, was utterly destroyed by fire. The 20 ft.-by-20 ft. wooden structure was burned to ash and cinder, contents and all.

But not before a male firefighter (not identified by name at this time), the only one in the village, arrived in the community fire truck, and made a valiant attempt to battle the blaze. He needed help from the villagers and passers-by who turned on the water, and helped to direct the fire hose, but he was merely one professional, against an inferno. The fire was eventually extinguished.

All the above begs the question: Since there was a passing-out ceremony less than a week ago, why haven’t the ‘newbies’ been posted as of recent?

The blaze was likely caused by electrical wiring ‘shorting out’ and then catching on fire, but that must be investigated by the Belize National Fire Service. Police and Fire Service investigations continue at this present time.


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Lone firefighter versus big fire in Ladyville

fire firefighter Ladyville Lone versus

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