Lois on leave, Denys’ turn to make millions?

Lois on leave, Denys’ turn to make millions?

Denys Barrow

Belize City, March 28, 2012

The Barrow Administration continues to practice one of its senseless and money-wasting acts of its first term – the hiring of the most expensive familial attorneys in Belize when they already have on staff competent and well-paid attorneys in the offices of Solicitor General and Attorney General.

Since 2008 Barrow has practiced nepotism at the highest levels – bestowing wealth among his closest family members. This became apparent when he hired ex-wife Lois Young-Barrow as an attorney in one of Government’s first legal cases against the Belize Bank. When a group of citizens filed a constitutional challenge against the 6th Amendment to the Constitution, it was Lois again. When the Mayas defended their rights against the Government, there she was again, private attorney Lois racking up her tax-payer’s paid bill.

It is suspected that Lois collected millions over the past four years, at least between 4 to 5 million, as proceeds for her legal work for the Barrow Administration.

Now, Barrow is serving his second term, and you would think he’s gotten wiser and more prudent with the nation’s finances. Well, think again. This time it’s even much worse as he had his own brother Denys Barrow, as the legal representative for the Government in Court. The same brother Denys who purchased a 2010 Buick Enclave SUV at zero-import duty after Government had bought it for him when he was a Court of Appeal judge. This is not the first time brother Denys benefits from having his brother as Prime Minister, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Belizeans must demand that Barrow stop enriching his family, and especially at the expense of the taxpayers?  Denys once referred to himself as the highest paid attorney in Belize, which means the millions he will likely collect under Prime Minister Barrow


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Lois on leave, Denys’ turn to make millions?

Denys’ leave Lois millions turn

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