By Di Chastiza
Shabba Ranks had [...]

Length and Strength

By Di Chastiza

Shabba Ranks had a song weh seh that a man is not a man unless he has “length and strength”.

Inna Belize right now, di women are complaining that a lot of our men nuh have length and strength and that, well… they have had to be looking elsewhere for a little length and strength.

Now this is no laughing matter, of course. It’s serious business. Serious big pipple business as Ms. Jane, the lady round di lane, down the street woulda say.

And of course, di women’s complaint is a valid one. For as Shabba Ranks sey: wah man dollas haffi long and strong; he has to have some economic length and strength fi be wah man.

And this is the dilemma we have in Belize these days. Which men among us have dollas weh “long and strong”?

And of course, understandably, the women are talking.

As the story goes, the women deh di seh:

“Yuh nuh find man with longitude and durability these days.”

“Da so so smallness and weakness deh man have inna they pants pocket these days.”

But in fairness to our men, it’s not their fault. It’s really Barrow’s fault. He has created a Belize weh only he and his crony UDP have length and strength.

Just pass by Brads, by Farmers Market any day and you will see them…some ah deh old and mash up, some ah deh deformed, some with big belly, some with none, but all ah deh merrymaking, drinking, laughing, gloating, because they have length and strength- because deh dallas long and strong.

Now, the rest of men inna Belize, well, Barrow has made it virtually impossible for you to find a work, to find money for you to take care of you and yuh family. Barrow has made life inna this country even more painful and haada than we could have thought when he dared us in 2008 to imagine the possibilities.

Barrow has caused more of our Belizean men to flock to the casino, to resort to buying lotto, boledo and fantasy 5 (which by the way are all owned by UDP men with length and strength).

He has caused more men to resign themselves to drinking and sulking in their problems.

He has caused more Belizean men to rob and steal fi find a few dollas to put food on the table. And all this is made crystal clear every night at news time. Crime and violence, that is all our men and young boys seem to be doing these days, with murder being the order of the day and prison their new found home.

All of this in turn has caused many homes to be broken up because, as we said, many of our men simply don’t have the length and strength these days and the women, through no fault of theirs, have had to look elsewhere.

And while all this is happening and Belize di go to destruction, Barrow and his UDP merrymen have been busy making fi deh dollas longer and stronger- millions upon millions upon millions have been gobbled up by Barrow over the past 4 ½ years.

And so Mr. Barrow…yes, over the past 4 ½ years, you have gotten longer and stronger. Every opportunity you get in your little circle, you beat your chest and boast bout your length and strength. But when you look around Belize, it is crystal for all to see that you are still IMPOTENT on crime you still nuh know fi PERFORM.

A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

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Length and Strength

By Di Chastiza
Shabba Ranks had [...]

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By Di Chastiza
Shabba Ranks had [...]

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