JPs look to better relations with new Government

JPs look to better relations with new Government

Belize City, January 31, 2011

The Association of Justices of the Peace & Commissioners of the Supreme Court held its 11th Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 29th January, 2012, at B.I.M.  Justices of the Peace from all over the country arrived and the meeting started at 9:30 a.m.  The guest speaker for the occasion was Ms. Margaret McKenzie, Attorney-at-Law and Sr. J.P.  The guest speaker gave all J.P. valuable information about the justice system and a history of the Justice of the Peace.  She also offered her services to the association in the training of J.P.’s and also joined the association as a member.

The national president Hon. Adrian (Danny) Madrid, then gave his report.  He reported that the association continues to have its monthly meetings and for the year 2011 three quarterly meetings were held.  The first one was held in Belize City on the 1st May, the second was held in Belmopan on the 23rd July and the 3rd quarterly meeting was held on the 13th November in Patchakan in the Corozal district.

As all members of the association who attend meetings and have email addresses are aware of the situation between the association and the ministry of the Attorney General since 2006 after the Belize City Council elections and in 2008 after the general elections, that there has been no relationship with this administration.  To date the Attorney General refuses to sign the J.P. Act 2005 into law preventing the association from doing its work more efficiently.  Nevertheless the association continues to operate and continues through its members to serve the people of this country.

The leader of the opposition called Hon. Adrian (Danny) Madrid, president and informed that the next P.U.P. Government will officially recognize the association and that the Justice of the Peace Act 2005 will be signed into law by the next Attorney General. That new Justice of the Pace will continue to be appointed by area representatives but as stated in the Act will work closely with the association and in turn the association will do all necessary vetting and especially training as this is very important for new Justices of the Peace.  No training is being done new J.P.’s continue to make mistakes.

A new P.U.P. administration will commit itself to give the association an office and a place in the Ministry of the Attorney General and that a stipend will be given to the association to properly conduct training for all Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court.

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JPs look to better relations with new Government

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