Gunmen target SSG affiliates – More trouble for “gang truce”

Gunmen target SSG affiliates – More trouble for “gang truce”

Peter Flowers

Belize City, April 24, 2012

The “gang truce” which the Barrow Administration claims is keeping the violent crime level not as bad as last year’s is hanging on a thin thread.

Even after the Ministry of Police stepped up its operations in Belize City, two men have been shot in separate incidences on the same street and only a few yards apart.

One of those victims is Jermaine Garnett, who is reportedly connected to the South Side Gang (SSG). Garnett was shot as he waited in a white Toyota Land Cruiser in front of Freetown Drug Store shortly before 5 pm on Tuesday, April 24th. Garnet had stopped at that location while his common-law wife made purchases at the drug store.

Garnett’s instincts saved him, as he reportedly became alert when he saw a man ride past his vehicle and then make a u turn towards his vehicle. Garnett saw when the man reached for a pistol, which made him exit his vehicle and charge at the gunman. The attacker has been identified as Gian Bernard and he fired a shot which struck Garnett under the left armpit.

Bernard lives just two lanes away from where the shooting happened, on Castle Street, and he was remanded to the Hattieville Prison today until June 18th on charges of Attempted Murder, Wounding, and Use of Deadly Means of Harm. He was identified when Police reviewed the drug stores surveillance camera which captured the entire attack.

But Garnett is not the only SSG-affiliate to come under assault.

Jermaine Garnett

Peter Flowers, 26, a stevedore heading to work at around 3:30 pm on the afternoon of Saturday, April 21st, had no escape or time to fight back death.

As Flowers walked on Caesar Ridge Road at its junction with Gill Street, his killer fired the first shot. Impaired by the bullet, Flowers collapsed to the pavement and the gunman brazenly got out of a black Toyota Camry, walked up to him and emptied the cartridge in him. Flowers had no chance to survive – with five gunshots wounds to the head, three to the abdomen, three to the right hand, three to the center of his chest, one to the right arm, two to the back, two to the neck, and one to each leg.

It is still not clear whether Flowers walked the straight and narrow or had connections to the underworld, but just by the way he was executed, suggests that he had a “beef” with someone who wanted him dead.  Just when the cloud of doubt hovers heavily over the Police Department and some of its members for the killing of Taylor’s Alley don, Arthur Young, late this evening the BELIZE TIMES was made to understand that a policeman is under investigation for Flowers’ murder.  Whether it was a hit or personal vengeance will be determined as the investigations progress.

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Gunmen target SSG affiliates – More trouble for “gang truce”

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