Green Card: Red Light

Green Card: Red Light

Belmopan, February 20, 2012

There is a popular photo which has gone viral on Facebook. It’s the photo of a younger bald-headed Dean Oliver Barrow on a laminated United States Resident Alien card. The date of issuance of the card is March 30, 2004.

Now all this would be meaningless and not newsworthy, except that this revelation that a US Resident Alien card (also called green card) was issued to Dean Oliver Barrow proves once again that Barrow is a hypocrite of extraordinary depths.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, like many Belizeans, you would have been saddened last Friday when Barrow used all his powers and the tools of the State to stop Yolanda Schakron from contesting the General Elections as the PUP candidate for the Lake Independence constituency.

Acting on instructions, the returning officer for the Lake I Division Noreen Fairweather refused to accept Schakron’s nomination papers, although she had already paid the required $200.00 and six voters from the constituency was on hand to nominate her.

The pretext for the refusal of Schakron’s nomination was that she was a dual citizen, being the holder of a United States citizenship and therefore was disqualified to be nominated as she was under the acknowledgement of allegiance of a foreign power.

Besides the fact that she is no lawyer, much less an expert in constitutional law, it behooves all how the returning officer Noreen Fairweather could decide this very complex constitutional matter of dual citizenship and what allegiance to a foreign power means.

Seems as though the returning officer was either taking instructions from Dean Barrow himself or was following his commentaries on Channel 7 the nights before but Barrow in fact arrogantly foretold on the Channel 7 News that Schakron would not be able to run. John Saldivar too was on Wave Radio the morning before and could not help himself boasting ‘over my dead body Schakron would be nominated.’

Either way, the returning officer did exactly what she had no training or learning to do. If the returning officer in fact knew and understood the constitution as she pretended to do when she reject Schakron’s nomination, she would have known that she could do no such thing. She would have told the phantom Lake Independence voter who objected to Schakron’s nomination by the same constitution which was being relied upon, she was prevented from deciding any such matter;  that was a matter which had to go before an Elections Court using a petition and would be decided after the elections. But  the returning officer was a willing participant in the grave injustice that took place last Friday.

Now as we said, the story of the injustice done to Schakron would have been just that; but this story now takes on a new dimension.

It has now been revealed that persons with green cards, like Barrow is suspected of being, are also disqualified from being elected to the House of Representative.

Look at the I-485 Form which Barrow had to have filled out where obviously he put information that made it look like he was residing in the US. Look at the form here is the link:

A green card holder enjoys the rights and privileges of an  American citizen such as being the holder of a social security card, driver’s license, employment status. Indeed a green card entitles the holder to live permanently in the United States and the holder is also liable to pay taxes. This is what Barrow swore to and acknowledge to a foreign power, the same US.

The Caribbean legal case law on the issue is Abraham Dabdoub, Daryl Vaz, and Carlton Harris v. The Attorney General of Jamaica. The BELIZE TIMES wishes to thank the ex-member of the Jamaican Judiciary who heard of Barrow’s Facebook green card and shared the legal authority with us. Legal authorities, which Barrow likes to talk about, confirms that a citizen of a country enjoys the rights and privileges of a foreign country is said to be under an acknowledgment of allegiance.(see Page 9 Line 10-13 of the case law)  If Barrow in fact is still the holder of  the US green card issued to him in 2004, then Barrow is in breach of the Constitution and has been sit ting as a member of the House of Representative illegally since 2004.

What a Hypocrite. Reject pain, Reject Sorrow,  Reject Barrow.

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Green Card: Red Light

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