Child’s head crushed by iron goalpost

Child’s head crushed by iron goalpost

Corozal Town, March 20th, 2012

A small sporting facility which had been in need of maintenance for many months, turned into a deadly stage for an 11 year old in Corozal Town, after the iron goal post fell on top of him and crushed his head.

Around 4:55 on Monday, March 19th, Standard Four student Eric Quiroz and several friends were playing football next to the Corozal Civic Center when the accident happened. Young Eric was the goalkeeper, and as he stood next to the iron structure it is not clear if the upper iron bar detached and fell on him, or if the entire structure was blown down and on top of him by strong winds.

Young Eric was rushed to the Corozal Community hospital and along the way witnesses say he repeatedly murmured “Mista Please Help Me”. Eric made it to the hospital but only to take in his last breaths. He died shortly after.

The incident has angered Corozal residents. The area behind the Civic Center was turned into a mini sporting field and is used regularly to host football matches for young footballers. But it is poorly maintained as other sporting and recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds in Corozal Town. The facilities are subject to wear-and-tear if not maintained carefully, so it may not be so surprising it easily deteriorated, and directly contributed to the young man’s death.

The responsibility for the maintenance of parks and playgrounds lies in the hands of the Corozal Town Council and the Corozal Sports Council which has been led for six years by Mayor Hilberto Campos. Not even a statement, of sympathy nor regret, has come out of the Mayor’s office.

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Child’s head crushed by iron goalpost

Child’s crushed goalpost Head iron

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