Barrow shunned in Corozal South East

Barrow shunned in Corozal South East

Chunox Village, January 10, 2012

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has chosen to go on a countrywide tour at the worst time in his political career – when his popularity rating is at its lowest. This was clear when his tour kicked off in the Corozal South East constituency and he was shunned by suffering residents.

The so-called rally got off at the Chunox football field, with some 200 disinterested persons scattered all over the field. Their only interest was that the UDP candidate promised to bring leftover Christmas ham.

The Prime Minister was forced to start his ceremony late, in an effort to see if anyone else arrives. But after he expressed his worry that back pain would set in, the UDP was forced to start. The MC begged the people that were scattered around to gather under one tent as the organizers quickly removed the other tents and chairs from the grounds.

One woman from Sarteneja told the BELIZE TIMES that she overheard a conversation between the PM and some of his high officials in which he scolded them and said he was disappointed with the turnout. They blamed Ruben Scampos for his poor organization of the tour and for not removing a BIG PUP BANNER that was planted right at the entrance of the football field in Chunox where the PM had to pass.

From his body language, the PM was the least pleased especially when he had to pass the big blue and white banner declaring Florenco Marin Jr as “el mero, mero para Corozal Sur Este” [translated to the true champion of the people of Corozal South East]. After the rally in Chunox, the same crowd pretended to follow the PM to Caledonia, but even less people was there, and in the end the showing in Caledonia was worst.

Ruben’s excuse for the meager attendance was that most of the people were in Church. However, in a constituency of some 5,000 voters; the dismal turnout at both rallies is not a good sign for an overconfident PM, who is planning to call early election twelve months ahead of his mandate.

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Barrow shunned in Corozal South East

Barrow Corozal East shunned South

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