Banak Street, WAR ZONE!! – Resident says she’s afraid to come out of her house

Banak Street, WAR ZONE!! – Resident says she’s afraid to come out of her house

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

By Alton Humes

Belize is sadly now a mirror, a reflection upon our current criminal quagmire – the endless cycle of violence and self-loathing that destroys and decimates entire families, or in the worst of cases, unites them against a greater enemy. And if there is one family in Belize that reflects this above truth, for better and for worse, it’s the Meighans of Banak Street in the Collet Division in Belize City.

This weekend saw yet another absurdist street tale rising forth – on Friday, June 1st, gunmen, seeking out the brotherly pair of Ellis and Tyrone Meighan, instead sprayed their bullets at a completely different quarry – Wilbert Dominguez and Kenroy Thomas, men who were neighbors of the Meighans and hung out at their residence. But then, with another shooting that occurred on Cemetery Road, both brothers were locked up for questioning, and Tyrone would be later charged for Aggravated Assault and Discharging a Firearm in Public.

Couple the above with previous incidents – their mother, Mrs. Shelly, being shot in the foot in May, the shooting murder of 51 year old Darrington Rivers, the O’Brien-Williams shooting on the day of the Cross Country Cycling Classic, and Tyrone’s double assault upon some women in February of this year, and all of that adds up to an ongoing headache not only for the family, but the entire Banak Street neighborhood which has recently witnessed as much shootings as a war zone. While presumption about what the neighbors feel about this family is a risky assumption, what is clear is that there needs to be greater Police Presence in what is now another major hot spot in the already crime-ridden Belize City.

But for a mother like Mrs. Shelly, her own anguished words to a TV reporter echo what we all feel, but could never easily articulate: “I am trying; to tell you the truth, I am even afraid to come to the gate to stand up. I am afraid to even open the door. I understand that my sons did a lot of things in their past, but Belize is so out of control, it doesn’t matter what you do, it will come back to haunt you……What can I do? They say [they want] to move, but move and go where? This is my home. They don’t understand my life. I would want them to sit down with me and tell them what all I have been through. I have a 16-year-old at home, I am afraid to go in the kitchen. They don’t know what it feels like. Yes, it’s my sons that make our life like that, but how can we come out? How can we change? What does Belize have to offer that they can come out from that life that they were living to get a job? Their lives will still be in jeopardy because they already made their lives like that….. I don’t support what they were doing in the past. I am trying to help them because I am their mother and I am the only person that they have to hang on to. I try my best, everyone can tell you.”

It’s the Meighan’s history of violence on Banak Street – an ever-continuous, never-ceasing cycle until authorities give it the right and proper attention.

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Banak Street, WAR ZONE!! – Resident says she’s afraid to come out of her house

afraid Banak come house Resident says she’s

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