Accused Slovak mob boss resists Belize-extradition

Accused Slovak mob boss resists Belize-extradition

Attorney Godfrey Smith says his client has a right to be heard

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

By Alton Humes

The recent arrest of reputed underworld mob boss and suspected murderer, 42-year-old Karol Mello, a citizen of the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) has taken on yet another shocking twist, as according to papers filed by his Belizean attorney, Godfrey Smith (on behalf of the Queen’s Counsel, Edward Fitzgerald), he has Permanent Resident status in Belize, and therefore should at least be given a hearing to confirm whether or not he should be deported to his homeland to face whatever criminal charges he might have amassed back in his native land.

He was captured in Belize sometime last Wednesday morning, July 11th, 2012, after being sought out for months. Officials caught him in San Pedro Town, where he was reported to have started a business on or around Pescador Drive and lived his wife and young son. Thereafter, he was handed over to Immigration authorities in Belmopan. But other than that, the Police are choosing to remain mum on any further specifics surrounding the capture of this now-infamous gangster, who’s raked up a staggering list of criminal accusations in his past.

For starters, he was accused of plotting and executing a double murder that went south and resulted in the gruesome deaths of a woman and her young son in the tiny village of Most pri Bratislave sometime in 2003, a crime for which he was later reportedly convicted for in October 2010 after eluding capture from Polish Police for 6 years. But due to procedural errors made, he was released by a Slovak court in May of 2011, going on the run and ending up here. But it doesn’t end there – in 2004, he was connected to and suspected of two more murders, including that of a rival in the Slovak underworld located in the capital of Bratislava, one Peter Čongrády. Then after you’ve added in European and Interpol/international warrants that were on his head, the term ‘Most Wanted’ takes on a whole new meaning.

But Mello, with the money, power and connections he has steadily amassed over the years and through his Belizean businesses (reportedly involved in realty), will be fighting any and all opportunities to be deported back to his native Slovakia, and has sought the aid of a British Queen’s Counsel as well as local legal representation in Godfrey Smith to fight any claims that he entered Belize illegally.

Reports going around were that as a back-up plan, Mello had already secured a plane in Guatemala to take him away, and thereby maintain silence on this matter. But Smith swiftly went to the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon, July 17th, 2012, and petitioned Justice Oswall Legal to grant an injunction against an outright plan of immediate deportation that was planned by Immigration officials.

In interviews with the local media that day, Smith contended that not only does the Slovak gentleman possess what he referred to as ‘very valid’ residency papers, but also that based on two specific immigration laws, the Immigration and Nationality Act and the Aliens Act, the Minster of Immigration Hon. Elvin Penner may expel Mello, but not before he is heard in a court of law. Smith said that the Belize Police Department has failed to indicate what criminal charges, if any, his client may face.

But Mello’s family in San Pedro has been fighting back as well, and they sent out a statement to certain media houses that Mello been utterly mistreated by the Belizean Police, claiming that he has been given no access to clothes, bathing or food. They also alleged that the charges Mello is accused of have little merit because he’s been acquitted of them already in Slovakia. They said Mello is being persecuted by “a corrupt Slovak Government”.

Mello remains in the custody of Police at the Eastern Division offices at present.

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Accused Slovak mob boss resists Belize-extradition

ACCUSED Belizeextradition boss resists Slovak

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