“Powerful people” blamed for sudden transfer of Cayo Police Chief

“Powerful people” blamed for sudden transfer of Cayo Police Chief

Belize City, April 17, 2012

Residents of the twin towns in the Cayo District are being victimized by the spiteful and vindictive UDP Government, who is firing the person responsible for a significant reduction in crime in their neighbourhoods.

Since taking up the challenge of Officer in Charge of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Police Station two months ago, Senior Superintendent Alvan Gentle has done a superb job. Homicide statistics in the twin towns have fallen to 1 murder in the last 3 months while there has been a 40% reduction in robberies, 30% decline in burglaries and 25% decrease in thefts. With such an excellent record, one would think Sr. Sptd. Gentle and his team would be getting an award, or at least greater support of resources and manpower. But not under the petty and uncaring UDP. Instead, Sr. Sptd. Gentle has been informed that he is being transferred out of Cayo.

This kind of backward thinking is synonymous to the UDP. When things are good the UDP finds a way to make it bad, and when things are bad the UDP will get it worst. It is incredible to believe that after Sr. Sptd Gentle strengthened the Police Department, employed good crime fighting strategies and enforced the laws – all reasons crime in the twin towns has reduced – the Police Department would see it fit to get rid of him. According to the Police Cayo Chief, it is his strict and no-nonsense attitude that made him a target. Speaking to the media, Sr. Sptd Gentle said some “powerful people” wanted him out of the way.

“There have been again some unscrupulous business people around the place, telling people that they will see to it that Mr. Gentle is transferred from here because of them being dealt with because of infractions where the law is concerned. I don’t think that should be so; the work that I am doing here is not personal, the work that I am doing here is not to gain any fame, in fact it is just the opposite,” remarked Sr. Sptd Gentle.

The Cayo Police Chief said he was told of the transfer by no other than acting-Commissioner of Police David Henderson. While under rules of the Police Department he can be transferred or deployed as the Department sees fit, Gentle said this is a clear case of victimization.

“I am a Police Officer, I am transferable, but at the same time I believe that if that is the case, then it is vindictive, for what reason, I don’t know,” he added.

The sudden firing/transfer of the Cayo Police Chief has angered the local community. Members of the Justice of Peace Association, the People’s Coalition and business sector have called on the Commissioner of Police for an explanation behind the injustice.


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“Powerful people” blamed for sudden transfer of Cayo Police Chief

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